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Coastal Fisheries Sustainable

Sector Title Kiribati Sustainable Coastal Fisheries Program
Implementing Agency Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development




Lead Partner Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand


Amount $188,369.50
Development Objectives

The development objectives are as follows:

  1. Increased economic growth from sustainable food security
  2. Increased income and employment from viable fisheries industries
  3. Strengthened capacity of MFMRD to support fisheries development and coordination

The outputs of the project are as follows:

  1. Economic analysis training, and equipment provided to targeted commercial and artisanal fisheries
  2. Fisheries management analysis tools, and training provided to island councils
  3. Training and resourcing provided to Fisheries Assistants


The Project has three components which comprises of Fisheries development, Fisheries Management and Capacity Building of MFMRD. Each components work towards obtaining outcomes  in  increasing economic growth from sustainable fisheries while maintaining food security, maintaining and rebuilding key coastal fish stock and Strengthened capacity of MFMRD to support fisheries, development and coordination respectively

Status Last Quarter The following activities have been completed:

  1. Consultation with Nanikaai and Teaoraereke Communities for establishing Protected Habitat Zone
  2. Consultation will Betio communities and elders association for the following
  3. Capacity building for Fisheries Assistant Trainees on the following
  • Designing survey questionnaire to check the level of awareness
  • Conducting surveys
  • Designing data sheets in the excel for data entry
  • Data entry
  • Introduction of seasonal closure for important species for the island – Bwave, Bonefish and Goatfish
  • Identification of potential site for seaweed farming
  • Identification of potential site for te Bun and Nouo (Mollusks) transplanting
  • Fabrication and deployment of artificial reef at Nanikaai and Teaoraereke Protected Habitat Zone
  • Habitat protected zone demarcation
  • FAD Fabrication to mark the Protected Zone
Key Issues
  • None encountered during the implementation of the project.
Planned actions The project was to progressively continue on a 5 year planning basis.
Project Monitoring Issues None