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About Us

The Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resource Development (MFMRD) is responsible for sustainable development of the fisheries and marine and resources of Kiribati, including but not limited to development domestic and joint ventures of tuna industries harvesting, processing and fish marketing and coordinate development of coastal marine resources. It is also mandated to negotiate bilateral fishing access in respect of local and foreign fishing vessels, monitoring, control and surveillance, management and harnessing of non-living deep sea mineral resources, It provides avenues for scientific research on existing natural or man-made resources or products and participate in international and regional fisheries conventions.

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Our Division

The Licence & Compliance Division (LCD) is a division within the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resource Development (MFMRD) oversees management of offshore fisheries inside the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Kiribati to ensure for continued maximising income generation from the fishery, in particular tuna resource, as well as development and implementation of pragmatic measures advocated at the national, regional and international level to ensure long-term conservation and sustainability of the offshore resources.

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The Coastal Fisheries Division (FD) is one of the major Divisions within the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development. It has 7 units including a Sub Division in Kiritimati Island. The primary focus of the Fisheries Division is to sustainably develop and manage the coastal and near shore marine resources to maximize economic returns and social benefits for the present and future generation of Kiribati. The FD develops its work program in align with the Kiribati National Fisheries Policy and the Kiribati Development Plan. In order to fulfill the FD mandate these 7 units were tasked with different roles and responsibilities as detailed below.

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To develop and sustainably manage the mineral resource, coastline and marine environment of Kiribati to safeguard the livelihood of the people of Kiribati and to maximize and foster broad-based growth of our economic resources.

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Quality and Safe Seafood Products of Kiribati for Local and Global Markets

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A high level resource and economic analysis in both fisheries and marine resources development to promote sustainable development goals toward the government aspirations for achieving the highest level of economic and social benefits from the marine resources in particular the fisheries and mineral resources.

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Kateimatoaan irikon te ika bwa te reita ni maiu

E a tia ni waaki ao n roko n tokina te reirei iaon aanga riki tabeua ni kawakinan ao kateimatoaan irikon te te ika ake ana kona ni kabonganaki bwa te reita ni maiu ibukin te botanaomata ao e na bon reke naba bwa te anga teuana ni kareke tianti man kabonakoaia. Aio

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Press Release

Signing of Second Phase for Tobwaan Waara Program in Kiribati

Kiribati’s marine resources sector received a major boost on Monday 29 June when Government signed a $4 million Grant Funding Agreement with the Government of New Zealand. The New Zealand Aid Programme funding will support a second phase of Tobwan Waara – the Joint Kiribati Sustainable Fisheries Development and Management Programme.  Tobwan Waara

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