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Boat & Engine Project

Sector Title Boat and Engine Project
Implementing Agency Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development




Lead Partner Outer Island Communities


Local Development Fund (Contribution)
Development Objectives

The key objectives of this project include the following:

  • Provided fishing boat and engine to the people living in the Outer Island to enhance food security and promote economic growth for the fishermen.
  • Sustained traditional fishing practices and knowledge of Kiribati locals.
  • Improved/ increased income earning to the people of the outer-islands.
  • Enhanced sustainable livelihood of the locals on the outer-islands.

The outputs expected to be derived from the project are appended below:

  • Boat and Engine that will be distributed to Outer Island Communities
  • Address the need of fishing boat and engine which would reduce “Poverty”
  • Provide a last long fishing boat and engine.
  • To improve the livelihood of the community
  • Improve/ increase income earning to the people at the Outer Island.


The objective of the boat and engine project is to provide local people with fishing equipment to access fishing grounds to support their livelihood and income generation.  With high costs involved in purchasing of these equipment is very high per set, it is important that sets are available to islands and local villagers have fair access.  Based on this the following criteria was developed:

  1. Criteria used in allocation of fishing boats are as follows:
  • Request must come from either a village ward, or church within the village or minority churches on island;
  • For churches with small membership allocation is given to village ward;
  • An additional boat can be given to village or predominant religious denomination if it meets the following criteria:
  • If the population of religious denomination is greater than 50% of the total population of that village and;
  • If the population of the village is greater than 300 or
  • If the population of the village is more than 600
Status Last Quarter
  • The total number boats and engine already delivered to Outer Islands is 185.
  • The distribution of boats and engines is made according to the criteria discussed in the above paragraph.
  • The distribution of such in-kind assistance to the people living in the rural area is still on-going.
  • There are more villages and churches that are still waiting for their share.
  • Consultation on boat and engine is still progressing.  So far 8 islands had been consulted.  These islands include Nonouti, Beru, Abaiang, Onotoa, Tab North, Teraina, Tabuaeran and Kiritimati.  The rest of the islands will be consulted in the coming days.
  • The implementation of this project is still progressing and therefore, we need more funding to be warranted to carry out the above mentioned activities.
Coordination Issues No issues encountered during the installation.
Project Monitoring Issues Consultation on boat and engine is still progressing to monitor the progress of this project and also to get the people’s feedback on such project.