The First Meeting of the PSC (Project Steering Committee) of the PROP Project

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) of the MFRMD PROP (Pacific Regional Oceanscape Program) project; which is financially supported by the World Bank, called its initial meeting on July 21, 2021. The meeting was held at the CPPL boardroom in Bairiki and formally commenced at 11am in the morning with the opening prayer. It was later followed by the remarks delivered by Honorable Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development, Hon. Ribanataake Tiwau.

It was chaired by the Officer in Charge and Deputy Secretary of MFRMD, Mrs Teue Baikarawa and was assisted by the PROP Project Manager. The PSC is comprised of Ministry of Finance & Economic Development, Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agriculture Development, Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Agency of the Ministry of Line and Phoenix Development, Office of the Attorney General, and Kiribati Fiduciary Service Unit (KFSU).

Given it was an initial meeting; the agenda was therefore focused around the presentation and discussion on the Terms of Reference of the PSC, and the work plan of the PROP project for six years with its four components. The presentation was delivered by the Project Manager on behalf of the MFMRD.

A total of $19.5M is provided by the World Bank to support the 4 components on this project:  1) Strengthening Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS)of large-Scale Oceanic Fisheries, 2) Diversifying Marine-Based Revenue Streams for Island Coastal Communities, 3) Improving Seafood Toxicology and Safety Measures in Selected Fisheries, 4) Delivering Effective Project Management.

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