Brief History

Temaiku fish farm was built in the eighties with the objectives serve and provide bait to the Te Mautari pole and line fishing vessels. The TML does not fish anymore and had ceased to exist, the ponds however have continued to farm the milkfish baits which are now being sold to the public as fresh and processed food fish.

Since 1997, the Government has redeveloped the ponds in Temaiku with the assistance of Japan to increase the productivity of the ponds in what is called “integrated fish farm” to serve both the community with food fish and if possible foreign fishing long line vessel with bait. 

Integrated Fish Farming is a farming system involving the raising of pigs, chicken and milkfish together.  This system requires fertilising the ponds with pigs and chicken manure so that more algae are grown in the pond for the milkfish to feed on. 


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