Central Pacific Producers Ltd is a company wholly owned by the Government of Kiribati through the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Development (MFMRD). It is based and located in Tarawa, the Gilbert group. The company was incorporated in May 2001 as a commercial operation to support national development policy in the fishery sector.

The company’s main business lies in the development and creation of fishery’s activities and marketing of marine resources. The company over time has diversified its operation to also include shipping, agency services as well as crewing for the foreign fishing vessels.


1. Shipping – provides sea transport for both freight and passengers in Kiribati’s territory.

Freight Rate 2018

Tarawa Tarawa
Canton 220.5 Canton
Christmas 220.5 176.6 Christmas
Fanning 220.5 162 104 Fanning
Washington 220.5 155.3 147 54 Washington
Banaba 184.5 Banaba
Funafuti 162 Funafuti
Suva 234 259 Suva
Majuro 199.1 Majuro
Nauru 184.5

2. Agent for the foreign fishing companies in South Korea, Taiwan and China.

3. Crewing – recruitment and placement of local seafarers on foreign fishing vessels

4. Charter boats – speed boats can be chartered for both sports fishing and private cruising at competitive prices.


  1. Reef and deep bottom fish – these are presently marketed local

  1. Sun-dried organic Seaweed (Kappaphycus Alvarezii) is available for sale at USD700.00/ton FOB Tarawa, Kiribati

  1. Fishing gear – lures and fishing rods

Key Contacts

Mrs Temarewe Tekaatau    Position: CEO  Email: temarewet@cppl.com.ki

Ms. Nina Jacob                     Position: Agency Supervisor  Email: nijateem@gmail.com

Company Website: www.cppl.com.ki

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