MFMRD-Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development


The Government of Kiribati (GOK) is seeking funding from the World Bank for the Kiribati: Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (Kiribati PROP) (World Bank P165821) to enhance the sustainable value of large-scale oceanic fisheries, diversify sustainable marine-based sources of revenue for coastal communities, and strengthen coastal and marine pollution management capacity in Kiribati.

The Kiribati PROP’s Project Development Objective (PDO) is to improve management of selected fisheries and seafood safety in the Recipient’s territory.

The Project reflects key elements of the Government’s Kiribati Vision 2020 and will contribute to implementation of the Kiribati Development Plan 2016-19 (KDP) that identifies key priority areas for the medium term. The Project also supports the Kiribati’s National Fisheries Policy (2013) and Integrated Environmental Policy (2012).

The project is proposed to be financed through an International Development Association (IDA) grant and credit resources: USD 19.5 million in Regional IDA.

Project Duration & Components

Project duration is a six year with a total current investment of US$19.5 million and allocated to the following four (4) project components.

Component 1: Strengthening Monitoring, Control and Surveillance of Large-Scale Oceanic Fisheries.

This component will finance a core set of civil works and technical assistance activities designed to reduce Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing occurring within Kiribati’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Refer to the PAD for detail.

Component 2: Diversifying Marine-Based Revenue Streams for Outer Island Coastal Communities.

This component is designed to strengthen coastal community participation in new and existing marine-based revenue streams in the Gilbert and Line Islands

Component 3: Improving Seafood Toxicology and Safety Measures in Selected Fisheries.

This component will finance a core set of technical assistance and civil works designed to reduce the risk of contaminated seafood entering domestic and international markets

Component 4: Delivering Effective Project Management.

This component will ensure effective and efficient Project management through support for a small Project Management Unit (PMU)