Coastal Fisheries Division


The Coastal Fisheries Division (FD) is one of the major Divisions within the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development. It has 7 units including a Sub Division in Kiritimati Island. The primary focus of the Fisheries Division is to sustainably develop and manage the coastal and near shore marine resources to maximize economic returns and social benefits for the present and future generation of Kiribati. The FD develops its work program in align with the Kiribati National Fisheries Policy and the Kiribati Development Plan. In order to fulfill the FD mandate these 7 units were tasked with different roles and responsibilities as detailed below.

Research and Monitoring Unit

The Research Unit is one of the units under the Fisheries Division that deals with all research activities in order to provide data on status of marine resource for the formulation of management measures. The unit is manned by five staffs including Senior Fisheries Officer (SFO), Fisheries Officer (FO), Senior Fisheries Assistant (SFA), Fisheries Assistant (FA), and a Handyman (HM) in which all the activities are coordinated by the SFO.

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Training Unit

Training and Information Unit is another unit within the Fisheries Division stationed in Tanaea. The unit is manned by two staff for the last 6 years and currently only one staff is manning the unit while technical assistance and support has been received by a former senior officer of the unit. There is a need to recruit one or two Fisheries Assistants to assist in the implementation of activity for the unit. The Training Unit has a strong obligation towards the Kiribati Development Plans and the Kiribati National Fisheries Policy

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Aquaculture Unit

The main activity of the Aquaculture unit is to work closely with local communities in all aquaculture related activities to help develop new income generating activities. This would then help achieve one of the Fisheries Division Objective in trying to manage the coastal fisheries resources by diversifying the fishing pressure on coastal resources to Aquaculture activities

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Extension and Quarantine Unit

The Fisheries Extension and Quarantine Unit is one of the Units within the Fisheries Division responsible for coordinating and implementing programs and activities targeting fisheries developments in the outer islands. The Unit main responsibility centered on 2 key aspects, extension and outer island programs and fisheries quarantine through package checking and inspection on marine exports sent through personal consignments.
In achieving the Division’s objectives the Fisheries Extension and Quarantine sets its work program to align with the Government of Kiribati Development Plan and the MFMRD Strategic Plan.

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Sustainable Fishing Unit

The major role of this unit is to develop new fishing gears suitable for local fishermen to enable them to diversify their fishing activity. The other major task of this unit is the fabrication and deployment of fish aggregating device (FAD) in the outer islands and upon request.

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Kiritimati Fisheries Sub Division

The Fisheries office on Kiritmati Island was first opened in the late 1970’s where it first operated at Banana village during the days when coming to this remote island was more often by chartered aeroplanes than ships. It then moved to Ronton Village in order to be near to Ronton port in the early 1990’s when the shipping means of transport was now more than often regular. The current location the new office building had just been recently opened in April 2105 by the Minister for Line and Phoenix Islands Development after been in office at the old British army storage warehouse for more than 20 years which is just next to it. The office is currently manned by a senior fisheries officer, a fisheries assistant, a fisheries technician, 3 handymen, an account officer, a security guard and a cleaner.

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Statistic Unit

Statistic Units Main Objectives

  • To collect and analyze appropriate fisheries data from the fishing communities in islands of Kiribati
  • To provide useful information of the island fishery that could be used in the development and management of the fishery resources
  • To develop database software to improve data management and data storage systems

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