Organisation Structure

The Ministry is made up of 6 Divisions inclusive of the Administration and Support Services (Administration), Policy and Development Division (PDD), Fisheries Coastal Division (FCD), Geology and Coastal Management Division (GCMD), Licensing and Compliance Division (LCD) and the Seafood Verfication Dvision (SVD). The Divisions are all responsible to the Secretary who reports to the Minister.

MFMRD structure is located in four sites across South Tarawa and covers all the islands in Kiribati. The Headquarter is located in Bairiki and houses the Administration, PDD, GCMD and LCD. The Fisheries Division, comprises of several Units including Resource & Monitoring Unit, Extension & Quarantine Unit,  Local Licensing & Statistics Unit, Sustainability Unit, and Hatchery Unit, are based in Tanaea, while a milkfish farming/integrated aquaculture located at Temaiku, whereas the SVD Office is located in Betio. The Line Group is serviced by the FCD Sub-Branch located in Ronton, Kiritimati, and headed by a dedicated Senior Fisheries Officer, who is assisted by several staffs.  Fisheries Assistants are stationed on the outer Islands in the Gilbert Group who reports to the Fisheries Coastal Division. Certainly this spread of locations inevitably posed complexity and cumbersome administrative coordination, activities implementation and costly operations for the Ministry.

Figure 1 displays an organizational chart that sums the structure of the Ministry which also includes recent structural changes to reflect the reorganization and expansion that embraces changes in its new activities. This includes creating of new Divisions viz., the Seafood Verification Division (SVD)  and the Licenisng and Compliance Division (LCD), both formerly under the Fisheries Division. Respectively, LCD will now focus on offshore fisheries while SVD will focus on the Quality assurance and health aspects of fish harvesting, processing and exportation

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