Mission & Vision


As stated in the MSP, it defines a vision for the ensuing three (3) years periods covering 2016 to 2019 in achieving the broad and central vision of the MFMRD policy framework to accomplish the management and development aspirations of Kiribati toward the maximization of economic growth and aspirations, enhancement of food security, creation of wealth, and viable livelihood through sustainable fisheries.

In achieving the vision,  the MSP identifies the priority goals and specific strategic actions based upon MFMRD policy frameworks as key objectives to this MSP, including emerging priorities from the stakeholders and in particular the local communities that urgently need to be accomplished within the next three years. These strategic actions and priority goals are later discussed under relevant sections covered in this Plan.


Our mission is to ensure that these priorities are adequately and appropriately addressed, effectively resourced, implemented and therefore achieved within the next 3 year timeframe in partnership with key government sectors, the private sectors, NGOs and the local communities.

The following guding principles will tremendously enable MFMRD to work earnestly and diligently in order to achieve the priorities set out in the Plan;

  • MFMRD will develop and strengthen its capacity so that it is Effective, Resilient and Adaptive to change.
  • MFMRD and other relevant Ministries will be Strong in their pursuit of Kiribati national interests and in negotiations with foreign partners.
  • MFMRD will work in a Collaborative, Integrated and Coordinated manner with government ministries and partners, all stakeholders, local communities and Pacific Island neighbours to promote Gender Equality and Equitable benefits for all I-Kiribati, and
  • to commit effective actions to implement regional and international Conservation and Management measures toward the Sustainable Development of the fisheries and marine resources in Kiribati and the region.
  • Community empowerment and effective participation of the private sectors in the management and development programs to provide a more informed decision making process of the Government
  • All decisions will be responsibly made in an Accountable and Transparent manner
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