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Fish Cage

Sector Title Fish cage South Tarawa
Implementing Agency Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development




Lead Partner Government of Kiribati


The total fund of $19,000 has been approved and reflected in the Development budget 2017.
Development Objectives

Improve and support the livelihood of the people in the outer island.


The project anticipated to address the national area of focus which are as follows:

  • Food security
  • Income Generating
  • Diversification of fishing pressure on our coastal resources


With limited inland area to be utilised for aquaculture development, this project offers a potential area to culture the bait. The most suitable species for the cage farming in Kiribati is the milkfish given its high demand locally and the potential to supply the baitfish for the Kiribati Fish Limited (KFL) long line vessels. The other attributes for milkfish includes: being a very tough species that can tolerate a wide range of farming conditions and finally the successful artificial propagation of milkfish in Ambo fish farm makes the supply of fries more reliable as it does not require the reliance on of wild fries.

This the trial and if it’s successful then the expansion to the Outer Island will be explored.

Status Last Quarter The implementation of these activities will be continued in this quarter depending on the releasing of such funding.
General Warrant is required asap to cater for costing stated below
Coordination Issues It’s a new project, hence the issue are not yet identified
Project Monitoring Issues Nil