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Kiribati Safety Maritime

Sector Title Maritime Safety Community Awareness Program (Phase 2)
Implementing Agency Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development




Lead Partner New Zealand


Development Objectives

The key objectives of this project include the following:

  • To enhance reliable transport links for people and goods by improving maritime safety and infrastructure
  • To strengthen maritime safety by implementing trainings and awareness programs to fishermen, ferry operators and general public
  • To improve I-Kiribati artisanal fishermen and ferry operator’s sea safety awareness
  • To provide affordable and suitable safety equipment to fishermen

The outputs expected to be derived from the project are appended below:

  • Reduce the number of maritime incidents and loss of life
  • Fishermen will be well equipped with sea safety equipment
  • Improve the livelihood and safety at sea of the community
  • Improve fishermen safeties at sea
Project Background
  • Goal is to reduce the number of maritime incidents and the loss of life at sea.
  • The project conduct safety at sea awareness to communities, schools and public areas
  • Providing trainings for fishermen on Outer Islands, South Tarawa and BTC.
  • The project helps in improving artisanal fishermen and ferry operators through trainings and awareness
Status Last Quarter
  • Community awareness on S.Tarawa, Betio and Outer Is
  • Radio news and Newsletter
  • Public awareness
General Nil
Coordination Issues No issues encountered during the implementation of the project.
Project Monitoring Issues No issues encountered so far with the monitoring of activities. Project Reports monitored by Semilota Finauga from NZMFAT, NZHC.