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Fisheries Sector Policy(EU)

Sector Title Kiribati Fisheries Sector Policy
Implementing Agency Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development




Lead Partner European Union


The current project balance as at 31st December 2016 as per our account advised is $211,057.44.
Development Objectives

Improve and support the livelihood of the people in the outer island.


In reference to the Attachment C; work plan for this Funding, it can be seen that the output is specifically stated. .



  1. The Kiribati Fisheries Sector Plan is the funding secured under the bilateral arrangement between EU fishing nations and MFMRD on behalf of Kiribati.
  2. The objective of this funding is to finance the implementation of the Kiribati National Fisheries Policy 2012 – 2025.
  3. The funding is remitted from the EU annually and the life span is depend on what is agreed in the bilateral meeting. In relation to the last year bilateral agreement, it’s agreed that there is another remittance that expected to transfer this year.
  4. However that additional fund under this project will be remitted once all the reporting require from the EU is sent. We are now working on those documents and hopefully that by mid this year, the transfer will be finalised.
Status Last Quarter The implementation of these activities will be continued in this quarter depending on the releasing of such funding.
General Warrant of remaining balance is required asap to cater for costing stated above
Coordination Issues There is no issue but only the warrant process require time.
Project Monitoring Issues Nil.